Agricultural hook lift trailers

The handcrafted experience meets the production organization.

Productive process

Esperienza e Know-how

The offer of Mec Agri brings back the experience and the technological know-how of Roagna, a company that has been dealing with the production of agricultural hook lift trailer and push-off trailer for more than twenty years. Today it is present on the market with the power of Busi Group, a strong and organized group that, thanks to Mec S.p.A., has integrated the handcrafted production process typical of Roagna with an improvement of the production structure.

Productive process

and innovation

The offered products, always appreciated by the European market for their reliability, strenghtness and innovation are today designed and assembled in one production site only. This can guarantee better production efficiency , keeping a high quality content that has always characterized Roagna products.


Mec Agri offers a wide range of agricultural hook lift trailers and push-off trailer optimized for the intended use sector and for the loading tons to be moved.

Equipped with innovative and avant-garde systems, Mec Agri trailers can be equipped with options on request to meet  the various customer requirements. 

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The power of a strong group

The Busi Group’s
integrated system

The strength of Busi Group is the result of a virtuous system, unique in its kind, which sees the perfect integration and synergy between the companies that make it up. An integrated and dynamic system, constantly updated, in which each company complements the other and, through the sharing of technology, knowledge, skills and analysis, making it possible for Busi Group to enter the market with a complete range of cutting edge products.

From production to distribution

The Busi Group’s
integrated system

From production to distribution on the market through a sales network that operates in Italy and abroad, the Busi Group integrated system is able to ensure optimal performance of products and consulting services and assistance to solve all customer requirements regarding waste management.