20 ton


Agriculture roll-off trailer R20XC

Main features

  • Tractor hydraulic control with 2d/act.
  • Pressure of service 200 bar
  • Telescopic arm
  • Hoist start cylinder
  • Electrovalves for add. flow control el
  • Front stab. cylinder to 3rd point
  • Draw bar silent-blocs
  • (Tandem) Heavy-Duty Leafspring suspension
  • Container length 4500 / 6300 mm


  • Articulation (add. option 1 or 2 or 3)
  • Steering axle
  • Axles Hydraulic forced steering
  • Brake drums 406 X 140
  • Brake drums 420 x 180
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Passo tra gli assi 1810 mm
  • Hydraulic draw bar.
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • PVC half mud guard (For each axle)
  • Nr4 PVC mudguard
  • Aluminium fenders
  • Additional electric valve element
  • (1)Electro-hydr. distributor 4 ways funct. With hand control and radiocontrol. Without pompe
  • (2)Electro-hydr. distributor 4 ways funct. With hand control and radiocontrol. With pompe 116L 250bar
  • (3)Electro-hydr. distributor 4 ways funct. With hand control and radiocontrol With piston pompe 108L 350 bar
  • Additional flow control element
  • 4 sections Danfoss PVG32 LS valve block with oil supply from d/e of the tractor + radiocontrol
  • Additional flow control element Danfoss PVG32 LS
  • Variable displacement LS piston pump with 4 sections valve block
  • Hydraulic circuit cooling radiator
  • D/E socket 3/4 with 3-way diverter direct feed from pump (350bar) (add opt 3)
  • Manual adjustable hook’s height 1430-1570
  • Monitor for rear camera and showing trailers functions
  • Regenerating oil system (double speed)
  • Tool box
  • Towing eye K 80 - 22 / 24 ton
  • Front sidelights LED
  • Outline marker LED
  • Nr1 rear worklight
  • Rotating beacon at the rear LED
  • Aluminium side underride guard
  • Rear connection for hydraulic gate (Control by the tractor’s d/e)
  • Rear connection for hydraulic gate (Control by radiocontrol)
  • Double effect Hydraulic connection at the hook
  • Custom color (RAL code)

Technical features


Frame section250 x 100
Draw barSilent-blocs
Total Weight21 ton
Axles WHB1525 mm
Axles section2 x 130 mm
Track2000 mm
Axles ADRfix
Brake drums406 x 120
Pneumatic Braking systemstandard
Towing eye 3 ton.standard
Draw bar support foot2 x hydraulic
Lighting system with side lightsstandard
Chassis ground clearance1250 mm
Front stab. cylinder to 3rd pointstandard
PVC half mud guardOptional

Oleodynamic system

Tractor hydraulic108 L
Electrovalves for add. flow control el.standard
Oil volume (hooklift filled)50 lt
Cylinders oil operation request:
- Tipping 12 lt
- Load / unload15 lt
- Loading max. pressure200 bar
- Tipping max. pressure200 bar


Hook level1430 / 1460 / 1570 mm
Telescopic armstandard
Container external lockingHydraulic
Tipping angle54°
Max. tipping capacity20 ton
Max tipping capacity0 ton
Tare6200 kg

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